Shell & Tube Heat Exchange Search

Max Length:FT (0-10 ft)
Number of Passes:
Tube Material:
Max Load:

Tube Side   Shell Side
Flow Rate (GPM)
Entering Temp (°F)
Leaving Temp (°F)
Fouling Factor
Max Velocity (fps)
Max Pressure Drop (ft)
ASME Rating

You must enter values for at least 5 of the following fields: tube/shell flow, entering temp, and leaving temp

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The Heat Exchanger Selection Program offers the options of either U.S. (English) or SI (System International) Units.

Maximum Length (ft.):
The user can specify the maximum length unit that should be considered acceptable. The length should be specified in feet. The maximum length units that can be selected by this program is 10 feet. The program will default to 10 feet.

Number of Passes:
Select the number of passes from the available selections.

Tube Material Type:
Select the desired tubing material from the available selections.

Tubeside & Shellside conditions:

The Heat Exchanger selection program allows the user to specify the type of fluid used in the hydronic system. The fluid selections are available consisting of water and various concentrations of ethylene and propylene glycol or selected other fluids.

The Fluid Options change slightly on the Shellside due to the inclusion of steam as a possible fluid type. If steam is selected as the shellside fluid, the user will be asked to provide the steam pressure in psig and possibly the saturated steam temperature (if the steam pressure specified is not available in the steam tables included in the program source code). After the appropriate fluid type is selected, additional information on concentration may be requested (if applicable).

Please note: For Heat Exchanger selections, only five of the following six conditions must be specified:
  • Tubeside Flow Rate
  • Shellside Flow Rate
  • Tubeside Entering Temp.
  • Shellside Entering Temp.
  • Tubeside Leaving Temp.
  • Shellside Leaving Temp.

    With five of the above conditions, the selection program will balance the loads and determine the sixth.

    Flow Rate (gpm)
    Flow rate of the fluid in gallons per minute through either the tube or the shell of the heat exchanger. The maximum allowable Flow Rate through the tubes is 6100 GPM. The maximum allowable Flow Rate through the shell is 1750 GPM.

    Entering Temp. (°F)
    The maximum allowable temperature is 375 degrees F.

    Leaving Temp. (°F)
    The maximum allowable temperature is 375 degrees F.

    Fouling Factor
    You can specify the fouling factor to be used for both the tubeside and the shellside. The acceptable range for the selection program is 0 to 0.1. For additional guidance in specifying fouling factor, clicking "Select from table" will provide a table of typical fouling factors.

    Max Velocity (fps)
    If the user wishes to limit the maximum allowable velocity in either the tubes or the shell, this field will accommodate this restriction. The program has built-in limits of 7.5 feet per second on the tubeside and 4.0 feet per second on the shellside. The program will default to these values if nothing is entered in these fields.

    Max Pressure Drop(ft.)
    Provides the user with the ability to specify the maximum allowable pressure drop in feet of water through both the tubes and the shell. The program will default to 25 feet of water if nothing is entered.

    Steam Pressur:e
    In the event that steam is selected as the Shellside Fluid Type, the user must specify the steam pressure in PSI entering the shellside of the heat exchanger. The characteristics of steam are stored internally in the program.

    ASME Rating:

    Selection of this option will present the user with the optional ASME Ratings from which to choose.