The Taco Project Builder's mission is to dramatically increase your productivity and accuracy. It is the result of years of collaboration between Taco's finest engineers, sales reps, product managers, and the engineering community at large.

Project Builder at a Glance

  • Create and save projects online
  • Select products
  • Aggregate all relevant schedule files
  • Download in one handy package
  • Fast coordination with electrical and structural
  • Create accurate, conservative budgets
  • Make changes quickly and easily
  • Always accessible, always up to date

Pump Selection: Taco's Pump Selection App will calculate the efficiency, power, impeller diameter, and curves for any pump type and model that will operate at the given input conditions. Users only need to provide flow, head and which type of pump(s) to run the selection. Other input conditions are available, including specific speed, fluid, and parallel pumping. Results are displayed in highest efficiency initially, but can be resorted by clicking on column header. Users can get more details, Submittals and related documents by clicking on a selected model.

Expansion Tanks: Taco's Expansion Tank App asks users provide the fluid, pipe material, system volume, min/max temps and pressure. The app calculates system expansion volume and the required tank volumes; and then uses those values to determine the minimum tank size needed for each style/series. Each result provides links to related documents, CAD and Revit files if available.

Buffer Tanks: Taco's Buffer Tank App will size and select Horizontal and Vertical Buffer Tanks and Multi-Purpose Tanks, based on the type of application such as Chilled Water, Hot Water, or Hot Water Primary and Secondary. Each type will ask the user for basic input or design conditions to calculate tank size. Alternatively, users can just select the tank size from drop down. Once the tank size is determined, then users can select tank type, connection size & type, and working pressure. The App will produce a full model number and its related documents, including CAD and Revit files if available.

DHWR SizeRight Circulator Sizing: Taco's DHWR SizeRight App helps users to size and select correct Taco circulator for input conditions given. This selection app is intended for residential and light commercial applications.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers: Taco's Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Selection App allows users to input design conditions for both Shell and Tube side, as well as overall length and tube material. The app will calculate Log Mean Temp Difference (LMTD) and Max Load, and then produce a list of results for any model(s)/size(s) that will cover those conditions. Each result will have calculated details such as Shell & Tube side velocity and pressure drop; as well as links to related documents.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers: Taco's Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger selection tool will take user's input conditions such as fluid, flow, material, and inlet/outlet temperatures and produce results list of Taco Brazed Plate models. Each result will have its calculated details and Configuration Number for ordering.

Air Separators: Taco's Air Separator Selection App asks users for flow, maximum head loss, and which series/type or Taco Air Separator. All types are initially selected. The app will then produce results with calculated details and links to related documents, CAD and Revit Files if available.